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“Sometimes I think to myself; isn’t there more to life than just going to school, getting a job, getting married, having kids, accumulating achievements, being so successful, then at the end we die? What’s the whole point of building a house when you’re so sure it would one day be destroyed? Isn’t that a waste of time and resources? Why do we live only to die? What’s the point of living when we know the end is death?

Our achievements are of no value to us when we die so why do we fight so hard to put them in place. Do you ever think to yourself that life is way bigger than what we and the world actually picture? We live a life of inequality but in death we are all equals. The same worms and maggots that would eat up a dead beggar would also eat up dead dignitaries, kings, queens, presidents, etc when they die and are buried six feet if not less, below the ground.

What do we really live for? If you live just to acquire wealth, get famous, formulate theories, be the best in your field, record hit songs, etc, you’re no different than the mad person who roams about the street with zero navigation of where life is taking him/her to. After all, you both will still end up on the menu of worms and maggots.

There’s more to life than what you picture and I’ve found out that a life without Jesus is equivalent to a designer without scissors. It would be badly formed.

Here’s a short poem I put together to summarize my perception of life;


“Most of us lose track of our calling because we drowning in money. Most of us tag wealth as the sole definition of success.

Even most pastors are caught up in this net, they forget the reason for their position is to prepare every one for death.

What’s more to life? I’m gonna die, you all gonna die, that’s one mystery even science can’t deny.

But the big question is; what’s more to life? Why do we live only just to die?

To live is Christ, to die is gain. I didn’t come up with that, its what the bible says.

I was about to go bathe when this hit me – Staring at the tap running, I started thinking. This will all end someday; there would be no need for a bath its either you’re in a place so pure that filth don’t exist, or you’re in a place so filthy that no amount of water can cleanse.

I love Jesus and though I admit I’m weak, I admit I sin, I admit I’m broken but my only prayer is that on that very day, the door to the place so pure would recognize me and open.”

Death marks the beginning of life. Life on earth is just practice.”

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