Brymo’s Heya! video is one which has got so many people talking in the Nigerian media space. This is due to the fact that he appeared nude through out the video with the only covering being a leather extension from the G-string he wore only to cover his male genital.

Watch Heya!

Rather than get distracted over his nudity in the video, i see a Brymo who is metamorphosing. This video simply portrays an artiste who has become less aware of himself and more aware of his art. Although he pulled a publicity stunt on us by giving us something to talk about through this video, i think we are up for a treat as we expect nothing less than pure artistry from his forthcoming album.

From the rhythmic No Be Me, the reflective God is In Your Mind inspired by the work of a Ghanian fine artist; where Brymo brought his vocal prowess accompanied by strong guitar-riff by David Ubani, and to the soulful Bá’núsọ; OṢÓ is Brymo embracing his destiny as Africa’s leading figure in the arts!

Brymo - Oso Cover

Brymo – Oso Cover

Brymo - Oso Tracklist

Brymo – Oso Tracklist

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