Try something different

So you’re down that road again, it seems so familiar; the feeling of failure and depression but you’ve done everything right (at least all the things you thought were right), but you forget that if you keep doing the same things you would definitely get the same old results (or maybe you know). You! Yes you! Always comfortable being a mediocre, driving an average car, applying for average jobs thinking that being successful is just plain luck.

You playing average would do you no good. Step up your game do something new and different challenge yyourself, come out from that abusive relationship, get a new job, make new friends, start networking, raise your standards high do something bold make people ask…is this really you?

You love hip hop music? Then try R&B. You are Yoruba and can’t do without “Amala and Ewedu”? Try “Akpu and Onugbu”. You think workshops and seminars are a complete waste of time? Attend one! The fastest way to get a different result is by doing things you would most likely not have done and by doing these you would definitely discover potentials you never imagined existed within you. Wake up and try something different.

AuthorEkene Nsofor

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