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A New A & E Show “Who Killed Tupac”, doubled down validation for MVD Entertainment’s “Tupac Assassination: Battle for Compton” by himself confirming facts already alleged in the documentary released March of 2017 (available at, Amazon Prime, ITunes and many DVD and Blu Ray retailers.) and extended its theories with new interviews.

The new A & E six-part documentary explores theories regarding the murder of rapper Tupac Shakur. One entire episode “The Death Row Takeover Theory” tested the “Battle for Compton” claims that Knight was a victim and that others like former Death Row Security head Reggie Wright, Jr.- now facing federal drug trafficking and money laundering charges- had planned and carried out the shooting of Shakur and Knight. The A & E show attempts to dispell attorney David Kenner’s involvement in the shooting, and dismisses it, but the elements still remain unresolved.

Recently, In the FOX-TV special “Who Shot Tupac & Biggie”, Knight himself told hosts Soledad O’Brian and rapper Ice-T, via phone from jail, that Reggie Wright Jr., long held by the “Asassination” movies to be involved with both the Shakur and Christopher “Biggie Smalls” Wallace shootings, knew both alleged Wallace co- conspirators, former LAPD police officers David Mack and Raphael Perez. Knight denied having any knowlegde of the LAPD officers or being responsible for the killing, but was quick to make it clear that Wright, Jr. did:

ICE-T: “Suge, you know these names be poppin on the street; Raphael Perez, Mack and them doin’ the whole setup thing…”

KNIGHT:  “I never had a conversation with none of those dudes…never met those dudes, they never worked for me…they knew Reggie Wright- they didn’t know me…”

In the A & E documentary, “Who Killed Tupac?” Reginald Wright Sr., also under federal indictment for money laundering and interstate drug trafficking, said that he was originally approached for Death Row head of security, but stated he turned down the position only to see it go to his son, Wright Jr.

To the makers of “Compton”, who laid this same scenario out in March of this year, this makes perfect sense. “Of course Knight can claim that- Wrightway Security, owned and operated by Reggie Jr. was set at arms length from Death Row Records as its own company to shield Knight from blowback,” said filmmaker Bond.

“But even though its likely Knight knows more than what he is admitting to, it’s possible to have 40 officers working for Wrightway under Reggie’s little ‘Death Row Police’ and Knight not know who they were. Maybe that was by design.

“I worked with the producers of the A & E show and they had access to an early cuts of Battle for Compton. Originally the show was supposed to air within a month of Compton, but their lack of production leadership delayted it almost a year. They used my information, interviews and even interviewed Michael Douglas Carlin, who I collaborated with on both Compton and its source book Tupac:187. They used the same people and footage we interviewed. I can’t think of a better endorsement.

“Did they ultimately cop out? Yep” concluded Bond. “But it’s easier to blame the dead guy and assert a Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Conspiracy to cover it up. And I’m the conspiracy theorist…”

In both the A & E and FOX special, Reggie Jr. admitted to hiring off duty police officers to work for his security company and that he “practically had his own police department.” When asked what motive Knight had for killing Wallace, Reggie did not answer, instead referring to a book written by an interviewee who was scheduled to interview with FOX for the same show.

In a comical moment in the show, that author stood the production company up the day of his interview “at the advice of an attorney.”

“Yeah that sounds right,” said Bond. “It’s not safe to be endorsed with a dude you featured in your ‘Murder Rap’ documentary, who you vouched for publicly, and now is looking at a deal with the Feds for Money Laundering and Drug Trafficking.

“To us, it’s nothing knew because the first 30 minutes of ‘Battle for Compton’ talk specifically about Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering in Compton, and a Compton PD corruption report featuring co-defendant Reggie Wright, Sr- his father. Wright, Sr. is also under indictment by the Feds. Anyone believe they just woke up a couple years ago and decided to do this?”

“There’s not one day that goes by where some element of our movie is not being validated. We believe we stuck the landing on this.”

Watch “Tupac Assassination: Battle for Compton” peel back the layers and reveal the context for the shootings of Shakur and Wallace.

Tupac Documentary

Tupac Documentary

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