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Welcome to 2ruconnect

Chat, Sell and Grow your hustle.

2ruconnect is a crowdsourcing platform where music entrepreneurs (direct and indirect) meet, connect and transact with one another. It is an open market place currently leveraging off the Telegram group network. Any type of business/entrepreneur is acceptable on 2ruconnect as long as it directly or indirectly impacts the music industry.

What can i do on 2ruconnect?

Currently, 2ruconnect is restricted to the features Telegram group network has to offer. As an entrepreneur seeking to expand your pool of network/client base, 2ruconnect on Telegram is the right place to find the perfect clients to grow your business.

Are you seeking for partners to embark on a project with? You can find them on 2ruconnect, are you seeking a producer for your next single, an instrumentalist for that gig, a food vendor for your event, a project manager, an artiste manager, etc? 2ruconnect is the best place for you to chat and connect with the right people to grow your music hustle.

2ruconnect on Telegram is temporary as we use this means to understand our user behavior and needs which will be used to build a very robust application that is well tailored to suit every users purpose on our platform.

Pitch a sale to interested buyers.
Chat with like minds.
Pitch a sale interested buyers.
Pitch a sale interested buyers.
Grow your hustle.

How do i join 2ruconnect?

There are 3 simple steps to join the 2ruconnect Telegram community;

  1. Download/Install Telegram on your mobile device.
  2. Click here to get on-boarded on 2ruconnect. (Note: If you arrived here from the sign up page then you have been on-boarded already, go straight to step 3 below).
  3. Check your inbox/spam/promotions folder in your email and click the “Join the conversation” button. This will take you straight to the Telegram group. Now you can chat, sell and grow your music hustle.
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