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Launched on the 11th of February, 2017.

Truth Music Nigeria is a subsidiary of Truth Musik Factory (TRUF MUSIK) which is a fast-growing music digital promotional agency / Record Label focused on promoting great sounds especially Nigerian/African.

Our Vision:  To become a leading agency in the creation and propagation of truth through music within Nigeria and across Africa.

Our Mission: Mixing content with creativity, to create, recreate and propel the movement of truth through music while maintaining consistency and originality in every project.

Our Core Values: We have a dedicated team that exhibit the following values which distinguishes us from others. Our core values include;






Our Perception Of Music: Here at Truth Music Nigeria, we are of the notion that music is a universal language. It is the most powerful tool of communication and how else can we create a better future if not through music that tells truth? Be it religious or mainstream, we believe that good music which promotes good morals, speaks the truth about life, tells personal stories (good or bad), teaches love, discourages bad governance, enhances faith and belief, etc should be given equal chance to be heard by Truth Music lovers. This is why we exist 😉

Our Tag line: Celebrating true sound.

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Truth Music Ng WhatsApp Chat