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About Us

Truth Music Nigeria is a subsidiary of Truth Musik Factory Ltd. (Truf Musik Ltd.). Truf Musik Ltd. began with an initiative primarily focused on the promotion of creative musical content and also the promotion of musicians within Nigeria and across the globe.  As time went on, we realized the importance of spreading our tentacles into other aspects of the music industry besides publicity such as; Music production, Music Digital distribution, Artiste Branding and Music project management. Doing this has helped us figure out easier and cheaper means of making music services more affordable to all musicians.

These are our current core areas and as time goes on, we believe our reach will continue to spread because one major value which drives our business is exploration and our innovative team is the fuel that drives this exploration, hence the sky is the take off point for us.

Our Vision

“Building a hub where music dreams are brought to life.”

Our Mission

“To constantly create market disrupting music services driven by innovation and a customer-centric methodology.”

Our Core Values

We have a dedicated team that exhibit the following values which distinguishes us from others. Our core values include;






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