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After a stunning 2018 performance, fast rising artiste – Angeloh kick starts 2019 with the release of his first production this year which is a 5 track (3 songs and 2 interludes) EP titled “Love Child“. What does Love Child mean?

“LOVE CHILD” (adjective)

Meaning: A child born to out of wedlock (that is to parents who aren’t married).

Speaking on the EP Angeloh says

“My heart-trip has shown me three things: Love is dope, love is deliberate and situationships suck! In ‘Love Child” I wear my heart on my sleeve, neatly woven with groovy and soulful Afropop vibes.

Consider it a mood board for every time we find new love and dive in whole heartedly; for every time chaos hits the ceiling and our constancy is tested; for every time we must stand with our lover no matter what; and for every time indecision, lust, and all forms of blurry lines mess up a potentially dope friendship.”

“Love Child” is OUT NOW!

God bless your heart and keep it warm.

Produced & Written by: Angelo Anosike

Mix & Mastered by: Bartholomew Emordi

Executive Producers: Mbuotidem Johnson & Rodney Abia

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Angeloh is a music recording and performing artist. His music centers on life and godliness, touching on everyday human experiences and God-reflection. He likens himself to a cross between Kings David and Solomon, making soundtracks for hearts thirsty for life and for God. As a result, his music is weaved around love, personal and social struggles, responsibility, high and low moods, and worship.

Nominated for RAPZILLA.COM’s FRESHMAN CLASS 2018 Angeloh has released several solo singles with critical acclaim. He also went on to being featured on chart topping singles with artists such as Bouqui (featuring on her entire latest album “Unstoppable”) as well as Gaise Baba, and Tbabz, thereby steadily embedding his name into the industry.

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