Still in the mood of valentine, we put together this publication for you. Are you single and fit to start dating? how do you know you are ready?

A lot of people get into relationships for the wrong reasons. Even though they justify their fear for being alone and lack of self significance with the word LOVE, you will still notice an underlying display of dissatisfaction and discontentment.

I have studied various relationships and I have seen that this dissatisfaction experienced by either or both of the parties involved in this kind of relationships, is not always the fault of the spouse but in most cases the fault of the person experiencing the dissatisfaction. How do you know you’re fit to date?

1. You should have understood and accepted your true personality – How can you understand him or her if you haven’t understood yourself? When you understand yourself, you know and can define what you want and don’t want. You do not just enter a relationship with the slightest crush. When you know  your true self, you understand your vision, your goal in life, hence you wouldn’t want to enter a relationship with someone who will either distract you from achieving it or someone who will never understand your purpose no matter how much you explain it.

2. You have a deep love for yourself – After you have understood and accepted who you are, you have to love yourself, you cannot love someone else until you have loved yourself. Even the bible agrees by saying; “Love your neighbour even as you love yourself”  which means you cannot love someone sincerely until you have first loved yourself. A lot of people get into relationships because they need some love, that’s an absolutely wrong and selfish ideology.

The aim of getting into a relationship should be to give love not to get love, if everyone worked with that ideology (both male and female), hardly would we see break ups, divorce, separations, etc. You cannot give what you don’t have, so if you find yourself not giving enough love in your relationship then certainly you have not found yourself and you do not love yourself enough. Love is unconditional so do not say your spouse doesn’t give enough so you shouldn’t, it’s not something you can mise, it overflows when it comes from the heart.

3. You have a positive attitude towards life – Positivity highly counts in any relationship because it guides your perception. Some people have a natural gift for finding faults and I must say I’ve been a victim of negativity in my past relationships, I was once a natural fault finder and it certainly crumbled those relationships.

I have learned that humans will always have flaws, this is an inevitable fact. When it comes to dating, we should always look out for the good sides of our spouse and build the relationship on those good things about them. As you go on in the relationship you will certainly see things you dislike, you must learn to overlook and ignore them and only true love can help you do this effectively without you getting hurt.

NOTE: You should never enter a relationship you’re not sure of how you feel. You should also never leave God out of it for only Him can teach the perfect love.

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