Since the release of the single; This is America by Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino, which premiered shortly after he took the stage to host Saturday Night Live on May 5 the internet has been flooded with reactions upon reactions (Good Bad and even the ugly).

This is America has been given uncountable applauds by music fanatics (such as myself) for it’s musical depth in addressing current issues affecting America and the world at large, it has been a long while the Hip-Hop community has been fed with such thought-provoking music and we see Childish Gambino topping the charts on this one. Although we see a particular sect of music listeners who feel indifferent as regards the imagery, symbolism and lyricism embedded in this music, i believe that this is simply because they probably do not get the big picture painted within.

And yeah, we have the opportunists who have used this as a medium to bash Kanye West. Some are commenting that West should should be turning out the same type of relevant, thought-provoking music instead of pushing out songs with lyrics like “poopity scoop,” which is found in his new song “Life Yourself.”

It’s also worth noting that some onlookers are using the provocative “This Is America” video as a platform to continue bashing on Kanye West, who was slammed over the past week for his support of President Trump and suggesting on TMZ that slavery was a choice by African-Americans. “Kanye declares himself a genius drops ‘poopty scoop,’ Donald Glover drops #ThisIsAmerica & says nothing,” one person tweeted. Another wrote that “Childish Gambino is what Kanye aspires to be but fails to attain.”

Culled from Billboard.

Watch “This Is America” By Childish Gambino;

In this review, i wish to state 3 salient points that can be noticed from the “This is America” video. Enjoy your read and i would love you to spare little of your time to share your thoughts on the video in the comment section.

  1. Disregard for human life and regard for Guns: Gun violence is not a new story in our current society as we see and hear stories everyday on the news of killings on the streets, at schools and even at religious gatherings. The music video starts with a dramatic opening scene that shows a depiction of Travon Martins’ dad – as stated in a tweet by NickName (@Naam1595) playing the guitar, sits down and gets shot in the head from behind, then immediately a secondary school kid runs over to retrieve the gun respectfully with a red cloth and the dead body dragged on the street. We also see the killing of Blacks and Christians depicted in the church scene with the choir singing and dancing, he dances into the scene, blends in and then kills them all. We see the same secondary school kid run over to retrieve the gun respectfully with a red cloth. We see the presence of the police in this scene representing law and order but chaos is the case – depicted by the chaotic running of people through out the video.
  2. The kids are watching: Childish Gambino sends a warning to the world in this video and he screams aloud “THE KIDS ARE WATCHING”. No he did not say it in this music but it was depicted through his dance movements as the kids mimicked every single dance move he made and followed him every where he went. An example of what the kids seemed to be mimicking through the dance include; Violence, Homosexuality and fashion craze.
  3. There’s so much distraction: Did you notice the horseman in the background? If you didn’t then Childish Gambino was referring to you. Yes you, the class of individual distracted by the noise on social media and the pop culture so much that the reality of life and death becomes irrelevant and just a background figure. Did you also notice the kids taking videos of everything happening with their phones? Yes this is the society we have today, where we see injustice and all we can do is bring out our smart phones and act dumb with them.

So did i hear you say again that This song is not deep? Oh yes you’re silent now, that’s more like it. I’m sure you have something to share about what i have said so far and also the video. Don’t be shy to drop it in the comment section.

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