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Donjazzy Co-Founds Telecommunication Company (Provides FREE WiFi)

Few days back, Mavin records CEO; Mr Michael Ajereh popularly called “DonJazzy” celebrated on social media the launch of Flobyt; a new solutions provider company which he co-founded with Adetayo Adedigba.

Flobyt is an independent consulting firm that helps international companies to be successful in Europe and Africa. Through their strategic solutions and implementation assistance, they have led some of the world’s strongest brands to enter and establish worldwide.

One service which Flobyt is providing right now is its provision of free WiFi to Nigerians via eateries, parks, taxis, buses, restaurants, cafés and many more. Flobyt WiFi is designed to replicate your ‘at home’ WiFi experience, when you’re out and about. Checking emails, uploading photos to Facebook, funny Instagram videos – whatever you’re into, surf it for free on your smartphone or tablet.

To know more about Flobyt and its free WiFi, simply click; More about Flobyt

We are really excited for the Mavin boss, this is another milestone crossed. More grace sir!!!

How does Flobyt free WiFi service work? Watch Video below.

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