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While we wait for the weather to make up its mind as to what season it is, we definitely know that Christmas is at the corner. This implies that those light fingered brothers, sisters or even relations of yours are on their way to plunder your closet ( l have a sister like that tho) and the only way out of this is to hide those precious fashion pieces of yours (Yes l am that wicked!!!).

So here are some light tips on how to secure some 0f your collection this Christmas;

Foot Wears: lf you haven’t invested in one or two pairs of durable footwear, then i can see the future of your shoe shelf…EMPTY!!! So run along, get those durable foot-wears and act like you ain’t got nothing. 🙂

Sweat shirts: lf you have worn those sweat shirts over and over again,  its time to revive it, you can easily play preferably plain or any sweat shirts and a plaid skirt.

Blazers: Who doesn’t look a million dollars in a well structured and well tailored blazer? The beautiful thing here is that it can be worn with a pair of jean and a long scarf over the neck.

So ladies, keep the ideas rolling in,someone might just need it right here.

AuthorEkene Nsofor

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