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“How do you tell a gentleman when you see one? Is it by his clean shave, well groomed beard, his classic tailored outfit or those shoes that shouts COMING THROUGH?

Well for me it is his cool and warm scent from whatever perfume or deodorants he uses, confidence and good looks. And just because we are in the season of love, we know you might be searching for some gifts for your prince charming or any guy in your life, here are some items you might want to get for him or them.

An After-Shave balm to relieve him of itching after shaving might just do the trick.

A tube of beard oil if he’s in the Beard gang. (PS – If he has no beard and you want to crack some joke with it, this gift would do. Lol but if he leaves you, DO NOT BLAME ME!!!

Statement Perfumes that would always ring out I WAS HERE.

They say shoes say a lot about one’s personality, so get him some good pairs (PS- Does not have to be Gucci or some really costly designers.Well, if you can afford those, knock yourself out, but if you can’t please cut your coat according to your cloth. You cannot enter 2018 a debtor or broke.

A really nice leather belt coupled with a nice wrist watch. Men love to be on time.

That aside i would love to pay homage to just a few of our brothers in the entertainment industry that have always captured my heart with their charm, fashion and fitness, here we go!!!”

AuthorEkene Nsofor
Content Developer Truth Music Nigeria.
IG: @nsoforekene
Facebook: ekene nsofor

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