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Inspiration: Attitude Is Everything

This is one quote every Musa, Ada and Ade are familiar with right? Well we won’t be going too fa from what you already know,just a little further from the normal explanation.

Life can be likened to a small room with an open door; people will keep coming in and going out through it. This is an inevitable fact. Although we can never be in total control of every person that comes in or leaves, we can manage it to a very significant percentage.

In managing this open door called life, there is only one determinant which plays the major role if not the only role – this is your attitude.

Your attitude is a virtual traffic warden that directs people in and out of your life, not everyone will like or dislike your attitude no matter how good no matter how bad.

I have heard a lot of ladies complain about the kind of men that woo them, but I ask them if they portray the kind of woman their dream guy pictures as his dream woman (deep right?).

How can you want a God fearing man but you dress like a whore, post semi nude pictures on your instagram page and club every weekend?

“Be not deceived God is not mocked, for whatever a man soweth that shall he reap” (Gal 6:7). If you want the right kind of people in your life you have to always do the right things and vice versa.

Set a principle to direct your life so that the small room with an open door doesn’t become a public toilet where anyone can come in, take a dump, clean up and leave without flushing.

How do you attract the right man, woman or friend into your small room called life through your attitude? Its so simple- you only have to make a decision to have a positive attitude. Attitudes are not genetic or ancestral, your attitude is the sum up of every decision you make every day.

A positive attitude is simply the sum up of every positive decision, every positive choice you have made over time and vice versa. Decide now the kind of people you want in and out of your life, manage that small room effectively so it doesn’t turn into a public facility.

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