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Believe me when I say that music is the most beautiful method of art. It becomes beyond beautiful when it has the power to establish a soul connection between the musician and the listener, a connection so strong and so deep that it breaks through every barrier be it language, ethnic or racial and has the power to create an emotion, an ideology, an irresistible need for recognition which fills the mind of the listener as the music plays (Takes a deep breath in…. Music is beautiful!).

…“changing one life at a time would change the world”.

Jayvie aims to change the world with her music.

In my short while as an industry commentator, I have had the opportunity to interface with numerous varieties of musicians, I have also interviewed some of them and I find extra joy when I meet and converse with a musician whose passion for music becomes peculiar, extraordinary, bizarre. So bizarre that it is difficult to classify the musician under a specific genre or popular music industry profile.

Jayvie's becoming
Jayvie’s becoming


I am a daughter of God! Selfless, more loving, happy and forgiving” – These were the words which Nifemi Odufuwa popularly called Jayvie described herself with at the start of our conversation which we had at her Lagos residence in pursuit of this article. I always know a creative addict when I see one and her first comment gave her away; “I love your note, and if you forget your pen, I won’t return it” – This she said after I fetched out my red petite journal and blue pen from my bag to take notes during my dialogue with her, we both laughed at the joke (But she was serious…). Jayvie is an awesome vocalist, but a more astounding writer who craves creativity at the slenderest glimpse of a writing surface.


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