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“There’s a lot of truths people need to hear often and this is what my music stands for.

Jayvie speaks truth in her music.

I came to the knowledge of this after I listened to her first release titled “Scream” I will talk more about this song further in this article. Jayvie is not the regular artist you come by daily, a lot of people have compared her to Seyi Shay, I think this has to do with her looks and somewhat her style. However, both singers are distinct in so many ways.

Jayvie's becoming
Jayvie’s becoming

I was astonished when she classified herself as an introvert, it is unusual to find a musician claim to be an introvert (i mean, everyone expects musicians to be extroverts, outgoing and always love to be the center of attraction everywhere they go) Jayvie, on the contrary, dislikes being the topic of any conversation, especially one she is not directly involved in.

“How will you deal with criticisms in the future?” I asked; “when the time comes, I eventually will,” she said.

Jayvie's becoming
Jayvie’s becoming


Jayvie is not from around here, as a matter of fact, she is from Uranus (Don’t call the Government, she comes in peace… lol). Fret not!!!, you do not need to call for any extra-terrestrial investigators as there were no UFO sightings in Nigeria.

Jayvie's becoming
Jayvie’s becoming

Talking about the Government, Jayvie is a Student of law currently in her finals at the University of Lagos, we talked about the current state of the nation and being a law student, she felt bitter about certain things. “There are too many loopholes in the system, I can’t fix them but I can be part of the people trying to fix them,” she said.

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