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Through my conversations with Jayvie, i was able to deduce what she meant by being from Uranus – Jayvie is at the point of a career growth where she is successfully carving a niche for herself, she separates herself from the crowd, from the noise and is very much prepared to climb hard the music industry ladder, building a world of her own where she aims to be crowned King, yes! “King”. She aims to thrive in an unpopular genre, one that still seems to be building cracks on the wall of the Nigerian music industry and we are hoping she applies the final blow that breaks this wall down.

“I love to focus a lot on life after death”.

Jayvie speaks on her sources of inspiration

We have a music industry that categorizes any non-Afro-beat or non-Hip-hop sound as alternative and this automatically reduces the probability of the artists in this genre to be heard on a large scale. Jayvie is aware of this but however is willing to take the risk to explore this unknown world of alternative music and turn it to her advantage, Jayvie is one hell of a diva who’s not scared of taking risks neither is she willing to subdue to the single story of her genre prominent in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Jayvie's becoming
Jayvie’s becoming


Listening to Jayvie sing, it is difficult to rule out the realness in her music. She described her music as “Artistically Dark”. I got some shivers down my spine when she said this and I thought it wise to seek more understanding from her – Jayvie made it clear that her music is embodied in pure realness and depth and she is far from being shallow. In her words; “There’s a lot of truths people need to hear often and this is what my music stands for. I’m not the regular girly shoes to wear, makeup, clothing freak. I love fashion and good looks but it’s not the center of my thoughts, I love to focus a lot on life after death and the aftermath of this focus is the impact I make through my music”.

Jayvie's becoming
Jayvie’s becoming

Have you listened to Scream by Jayvie? It is a song which invokes a cry for help, a cry which is so deeply ignored that she dropped the anthem as a voice for others. Fusing Yoruba lyrics with English, Jayvie addresses what it feels like to scream but not be heard. It’s very easy to relate to such lyrics because we all have been at that point in our lives where we put our all into things but they go unnoticed, if you currently feel this way or can relate to this in any way then you should download “Scream” here.

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