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“The pressure is sometimes overwhelming especially with the status as the first child of a Christian family”.

Jayvie’s Music and Family

Jayvie also has a new song to be released on April 22nd 2019 titled “Hold me down” and as usual, we expect nothing short of perfection from her. About the song, she says “Hold me down could be a love song. I write songs in a way anyone could give their meaning to it. In this case, i was thinking about how people you look up to let you down. This was the center of my thoughts when i wrote the song”.

During my conversation with Jayvie, all I heard her subconsciously tell me is “My music is not for me but for others”,  “changing one life at a time would change the world” she said. Although she made it clear that she would love to write and sing about so many things including money, her drive is not the money or fame but rather the need to speak and stand for the truth about life and the fact that it’s not all glamour.

Jayvie's becoming
Jayvie’s becoming


Jayvie has huge plans for music in the long run and has promised not to relax in her mission to flood our ears with dope sounds. I was eager to understand how far her motive has brought her, how the industry had treated her so far and how supportive people have been.

Going through social media, i see the constant support she gets from her friends and fans but we all know that social media is all but fronting, i needed to know more – Jayvie is one hell of a fighter, she thrusts virtually all she has and is into her music such that a lot of times, it leaves her left with very little or nothing. This is what she believes in, and from my interaction with her i could deduce that this babe is not here for jokes. Dis na do or die matter.

Jayvie's becoming
Jayvie’s becoming

She made me understand that despite the low financial support she gets from people around her including family, she strives to ensure she keeps moving and growing as an artist no matter how slow she seems to be moving, as long as she keeps moving. “The pressure is sometimes overwhelming especially with the status as the first child of a Christian family, there’s so much that people most especially my parents expect from me and not getting adequate support from them to push my music has been very heartbreaking”.

A lot of times I have heard musicians whilst pitching their music talk about how different they are and how their sound is the new deal when really they are of no difference in comparison to tons of other newbies like themselves (argue with your producer). There’s only a few who stand out from the rest and i can say Jayvie is one of them. Jayvie’s music goes beyond the stereotype song releases I see clogging my inbox everyday, Jayvie resonates as a symbol of hope and truth for Nigerian and African music.

The most important characteristic of any artist is consistency which births growth and with consistency i see Jayvie gradually becoming a force to reckon with.

When i listen to the likes of Jayvie, i have renewed faith in the future of Nigerian Music and can proudly say that good music will not cease to exist in Nigeria.

Author – @itsnbuzz / Chibuzo Nwokolo.
Editor – Truth Music Editorial.
Photography – @blackandfly / Moses Maaji.
Creative Direction – @skaterboifis / Fisayo Agunbiade.
Styling – @Jayvie_ & @skaterboifis / Nifemi Odufuwa (Jayvie) & Fisayo Agunbiade.
Cover – @samasvp / Samuel Olorundare
Makeup – @Nsoforekene for @Kenomaa / Ekene Nsofor.
Dress – @styledbycolors.


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