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(By Ekene Nsofor)

2017 was blazing hot with great accomplishments like The Assembly turning one, Lagos Fashion And Design week, GT bank fashion week and many other fashion event. 2018 has already started on point with the first edition of LEVEL UP courtesy; THE ASSEMBLY and the beautiful thing is that the year promises to be more interesting as we bring you the latest trends, beauty updates, fashion reviews and news in the world of fashion.

Below are some pictures from LEVEL UP and trends that rocked 2017 for fashion lovers and hopefully would live through 2018!

SHORTS FOR GUYS : Most people didn’t embrace this trend when it came but when worn beautifully and fitted, you can bet heads will always get turned the moment you walk in, so flaunt those legs because according to Noble Igwe ” Your Legs Would Take You Places “.

COLOR BLOCKING: When it comes to color blocking, it really sounds intimidating, so we try to ease it with neutral colors like peach and cream colors but 2017 saw a lot of flash of colors from tomato red to lemon green, bright yellow and my all-time favorite hot pink. I know that some of us might not know how to rock these primary colors so the first step to rock this trend is to get into the mood to pop some colors and not to forget fearlessness is one of the major ingredients!!

ALL BLACK: Have you been in a dilemma of not knowing what to wear for an event? Then all black would be the best bet. Trust me, you can never go wrong with black! It gives you this confident and dope look.

STATEMENT SHIRTS: 2017 was a year for movements, hash tags and trends, so statement shirts were in vogue and as it seems it won’t die out anytime soon.

MOM JEANS: l am not a kind of person that wears what everybody wears but l had to make an exception with mom jeans, this trend was and is still “chic” especially when worn with sneakers or a boot. Please if you haven’t rocked this jean, it’s not too late to do so fam!

OFF SHOULDERS:  Where should l start from? They say, “trends never die they are only recycled” Off shoulders was, is and would always be in vogue. Every lady rocked this trend effortlessly last year and we are still rocking them now.

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