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(By Derekcia Onime)

As a Lady, you always want to look good; Skin glowing, melanin popping right? The thing is we don’t know the right things to use to get that really pretty skin we see on the Gram . Today is your lucky day guys.  As a nice person i was born to be,  i’d love to introduce you all to my all time crush:  COCONUT OIL 💘.  Most or some of you  may know about this already,  but trust me you’ve not heard anything yet , this is just the beginning
I love having a shiny skin and i use just coconut oil and Shea butter. Aside having the love of shiny skin, I’m in the group of people with really dry skin . Having dry skin is really saddening because you don’t get to use some makeup products and what-not . These are some coconut oil hacks which are easy to try and are super duper cool.

FOR DRY SKIN: As stated earlier , i have really dry skin and coconut oil is the best natural  treatment I can use and afford . It helps in soothing the skin and gives this relaxing feeling and glow you desire . Also those with strong calloused palms could use it in softening their palms.

AS A HIGHLIGHTER:  Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty is one of the beauty bloggers who appreciate this natural beauty secret.  She uses it to set her highlighter, and this makes her highlighter more defined.  I’m sure you’re surprised,  coconut oil and highlighting , how is that even possible?… Trust me love-bugs its the truth and it gives you the well defined cheekbone you always dreamed of. Check out this post.

Don’t know how to make this work? watch the video below;

HAIR /SKIN TREATMENT : This tip is for ladies who want to get rid of the hairs on their legs without stress, apply coconut oil before shaving
anything off. P.S. Shave with care and not anger . After shaving rinse with lukewarm water and disinfectant. Apply more to avoid any form of itching . Dear sweethearts who also want long shiny hair. Apply after washing your hair ,it serves as a deep conditioner . It boosts the growth.

DELICATE SKIN: If you’re reading this and you have very irritable skin , trust me youre not alone.  Irritable in the sense that your skin is very picky with the products you apply ,then you’re reading the right article.  Coconut oil can serve so many purposes you wish it to , from daily body lotion , facial cleanser and eye makeup remover . It’s more natural and safer with a nice smell .

Its a wrap guys, these are few of the many things you can use my crush for . I hope I’ve made an impact in someones beauty life . Till next time . xoxo.

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