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Love and Trust Vs The Chicken and the Egg

The greatest risk to take on earth is to trust a fellow man. It’s neither bad nor good to trust, I say it’s risky to trust.

Risk deals with probability, so do trust. The probability or threat of damage, injury, loss or liability. Trusting a fellow man is risky because the outcome will never be certain. You might think you know him/her whom you trust but within a split second the man/woman you once trusted could change and you feel dumbfounded so you ask; “how could you?” And say; “I trusted you!”

Basing a relationship on trust doesn’t create room for perfection, instead it creates room for probabilities and flaws. I see relationships with trust issues and shake my head because they do not understand that trust does not mean they entirely know and can predict someone, rather trust in relationships should be a mutual agreement that they will do anything to preserve their Love for each other.

Why do we love? Why do we trust?
Whom do we love? Whom do we trust?
When do we love? When do we trust?
Must love always beget a relationship?

I’ll summarize this edition with quick answers to these questions;

We love because it’s the human nature which was given unto us by God from creation. The bible says a lot about love; God is love, love your neighbour as yourself, love covers a multitude of sin, etc. Love is very powerful and it is God’s ultimate weapon over sin (the death of Jesus).

We trust because it is the assurance we give unto our loved one that we love them. Trust is giving your neighbour a knife to keep and you turn your back on him/her without a second thought.  When we first love God with all sincerity, we learn to love everyone we come across, especially our spouse.

Whom do we love? Everyone! Whom do we trust? God alone! I’m not saying “don’t trust your spouse” I’m only saying trust God so much for you to trust your spouse. God is the basis of true love and trustworthiness.

When do we love? Every time is a good time to show some love. When do we trust? Every time we feel the need to, It’s a safe state of mind but risky as well so make God the basis so that when the “trusted” fails, the “TRUSTED” (God) which gave you the strength to trust will see you through. Humans are highly unpredictable thus the risk accrued to trust.

Must love always beget a romantic relationship? NO! That’s one issue we do not understand in this generation,  the fact that you love someone does not mean you’re compatible. Romantic relationships are about compatibility, understanding and tolerance all founded upon true love. But then again what is your love founded upon?
Are you really in Love or in Lust?

Sex relationships nowadays and we call that love and sometimes when one of the couples does not believe in that, the other says there’s no love. Wow! How shallow some of us think. If we are to love everyone just as I said earlier then I think from your shallow point of view we should have sex with everyone we meet both male and female. Won’t that be extremely abnormal?

Love has no root to sex unless under the bounds of marriage,  be not deceived. I know I’m offending some people but really the truth must be told. Let’s go back to the basis and let’s love and trust rightly.

How can we love? We must first understand God’s love for humanity, that will motivate our love for Him and then transcend a pure unblemished love to everyone around us. Our love towards our spouse should be equal to the love we show to others around us because there’s equality in true love.

Your spouse is your spouse because of how compatible you are with him/ her, how tolerant and how you both affect your lives positively. Love should be shown generously to everyone around you and trust must be founded in God before you have the necessary gut needed to take that risk of trusting a fellow man.
But then again these are just my thoughts,  my perspective, my point of view. I hope you stand and view from my vantage point.

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