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Love In It’s Purest

Relationships they say have to be a two-way thing, but love doesn’t always have to be. Relationships deal with a mutual agreement on both sides either on the basis of friendship, professionalism, dating, marriage,  etc (but for the purpose of this article we’ll be looking at dating/marriage relationship). While love is an internal generated emotion which one develops naturally towards another or an emotion which is sometimes dependent on actions of another before it is generated. It is a personal decision you make to display a high degree of exceptional likeness and attaching high value to someone or people (There’s no certainty of getting it back,  neither is there a mutual understanding in love), once you catch those feelings all you can do is prove your love and then pray and hope the other person catches them too lol… In some cases, they don’t.

Did you know that People love and still not date? Did you know also that people date and still not be in love? I bet you did know. Although the latter is quite unreasonable, nevertheless some folks would rather start a relationship without feelings as long as they are compatible and hope it grows over time, than love each other to the point it hurts and then avoid being in a relationship so as to secure their hearts in case they end up being incompatible and then break up (every sincere lover despises break-ups).

Have you ever met someone who has so much love to give but receives none? Welcome to the mind of such a person. Here’s a short poem to express such feeling- (My love for you is not dependent on the certainty of your love for me too, well if you loved me as much as I love you, that would be bliss. Nevertheless, I need not be in a relationship with you to express my love and though sometimes my human nature would want this feeling reversed because I give my all and I get none, but love is unlike Twitter where you could willingly unfollow one who refuses to follow, I cannot “unlove” you. You prefer to love those who show you no love and you despise me though I love you with all of me. Love could make life look so ironic and how sad that I happen to be on the bad side of the irony. Still, I love you and my thoughts towards you will always be pure and free from malice and revenge). This is the mind of a sincere lover and really the world would be a better place if everyone had such selfless mindset. I hear people say “I fell out of love”. It’s impossible to fall out of love if it was ever genuine. Our generation knows not love and when one finds it, he/she looks stupid to the loved and onlookers/spectators.

Nowadays,  we have nothing but “adulterated love”; where people love with the brain and not the heart. Whereas the brain believes in logic, love is illogical. It defies what the brain knows, it hacks the mind and overcomes the heart. No logical thinking person would want to give his/her life for another, but love made Jesus do that for us all even though He knew many would not love Him back, He still loves all. Yes, I liken love be it agape or marital to the love Christ showed for all because it’s the purest of all. His love for humanity defies all laws of logic and the “self first” principle of the natural man.

Even unmarried paul in Eph. 5 vs 25 admonishes husbands to love their wives just as Christ loves the Church (each and every one of us not the building). I see the purity in such love just as paul did which is why I write this. Let us correct our perception of love. There is no such thing as true love, you either love or do not love. Let’s not grade love, love is love. God is love and love is God. You cannot love without God,  you cannot say you know God if you do not love, also you cannot date right without God too. Find from the creator of love what it means to love and you’ll discover that the purity in the love you will begin to show will be so unblemished that you would care less about whether whom you love loves you too, rather your concern would be if you’re actually giving enough love to whom you say you love.

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