I’ve never been this hopeful for soul music as i currently am. With likes of Maka being all up in our faces all year especially with her back to back M:ad (Maka after dark) sessions. She recently released this 5 track acoustic project titled CTRL+M.

CTRL+M is a mostly acoustic 5 track project inspired by American singer, Sza. Maka opens the project with Love and Games, where the chorus says, “it’s all fun till someone gets hurt, it’s all a game, but it’s all love“…one can feel the pain and frustration she is under as she talks about an old flame.

With Go Baby, the second track, some type of love/hate relationship can be felt. On Hula Hooping, she calls him out blatantly, recognizing the other woman in the picture. We feel her anger in Bad Enough, where she becomes tired of being the soft spoken one and decides to take back control.

She closes CTRL+M with accepting the situation- one where she would never be loved the way she really wants to be, especially by this person. She calls him out on being in love with the idea of her and not who she really is. Maka doesn’t play the victim on this project. She owns her position and only wants him to do the same.
Although CTRL+M was inspired by Sza’s CTRL, Maka’s delivery and flow are totally hers and we look forward to listening to more from the Nigerian singer.

Enjoy below;

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