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Music Gist: Majek Fashek To File 100 Million Naira Law Suit Against Timi Dakolo

Music Legend, Majek Fashek is reportedly set to sue  ace singer, Timi Dakolo, over the use of his song, ‘Send down the rain’ without proper authorization. This new development was made known by Fashek’s manager, Uzoma Day Omenka.

Omenka, said the suit will be filed when they return from their United Kingdom trip in March.

“We are not taking this case lightly. We are just awaiting the arrival of our solicitors from the U.S., and the UK then we will hit the courts. For crying out loud, this guy is making money from itunes and he did what he did because he thinks in Nigeria, anything goes. If he can prove as he claimed that he paid for the use of the song and he can show concrete proof of it then he will go free, but if not, we will definitely meet in court.”

In January 2017, Omenaka, while visiting Vanguard, expressed his anger over Timi Dakolo’s lack of respect toward the veteran musician, saying,

“Timi remixed the song without the knowledge of Majek Fashek, during that period that I was in the US. When I came back I heard the song on iTunes where people were downloading it and they were making money, I was surprised. As a sign of respect he would have come to meet the legend because the song is not an ordinary song.

When we asked Timi what happened, he said he spoke with the manager. I was now asking, who is the manager? Am I not the manager and  didn’t he speak with me? People started saying all kinds of things thinking I knew something about it.”

In 2016, Timi Dakolo, reacted to the accusation saying:

 “My people, it saddens me to see such. I always try to do things rightly and lawfully,” Dakolo, who is also a judge on The Voice Nigeria, said in an Instagram post.”
“I paid his manager to remake the song, I got my invoice, I even mentioned to him during our rehearsals at the Headies. So, honestly I don’t understand this write-up.”
“Oga Majek Fashek. I respect and love you. Your voice gives life to lyrics. You are one of the best musicians I know. God bless you.”


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