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Back & 4th By Ok3nwa

If you have read the book titled – “The Eclipse of the Son – First Contact” then you know who Okenwa Igbokwe is. Ok3nwa is a creative personality that is interested in using forms of art as channels of impact. He is an author, creative writer, poet and yes a rapper.

Some time last year, he released another book. A short e-book titled – BACK & 4TH. In his words – “BACK & 4TH is where I’m vulnerable about the things going on in my life. I know we are connected so we might be in the same boat right now. You’ll find out about my hope which is yours too.”

If you are yet to read The Eclipse Of The Son – First Contact, you can get it here on kobobooks  or buboox

Download e-Book To download, click the button above or right click/long press the button and click “save link“.

Keep In Touch with Ok3nwa:

Instagram: @oknwa

Twitter and facebook: @ok3nwa

Website: Ok3nwa.com

Back & 4th By Ok3nwa

Back & 4th By Ok3nwa

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