One of the major areas we would continue to learn, unlearn and relearn is in the area of relationship. Man and Woman, Husband and Wife, Parents and Children, Boss and Subordinate, Leaders and followers.

Every relationship requires a certain level of commitment to knowledge and practice to make it work…through wisdom is a house (relationship) built.

But in this note, I’ll focus on relationship between a man and a woman, as couples or intending couples and how relationships can be simplified. There are 5 ingredients that will make your relationship sweeter than it is, and if it had been sour before now, get ready for a new taste!


There are 5 Major ingredients for a sweet relationship;

#1 . Mutual Respect

Respect is the Key

Anyone who doesn’t respect you and your opinion is a potential thorn in your flesh. Male or Female, we must realize that anyone of us could be right or wrong about something. If you always think you are right every time there’s an issue between you and your spouse, you are already wrong. Always give room for you ‘humaness’ and always consider your partner’s opinion even if it looks wrong to you! This makes him or her feel respected and valued

#2 . Mutual Openness


Openness is the anchor for all relationships. Why do friends stay longer together? They know each other so well. Sex is not intimacy, it is only an expression of intimacy! There are many couples married and unmarried who have sex regularly but still haven’t connected intimately. Openness means being transparent in all things to your partner…in all things!

#3 . Mutual Trust


When we succeed in the openness tests, we make it easier for others to trust us. When trust is missing, the relationship is headed for a crash.

#4 . Mutual Love


No relationship must be one-sided or lopsided. Love is a cycle of giving and receiving. Always be on the look out to add something to your partner. If both parties do this or focus on doing this, the relationship becomes failureproof

#5 . Individual Commitment to God


Marriage is also called Matrimony. If you consider the structure of a stable marriage, you would call it MaTHREEmony, because it looks like a triangle. God is at the apex of the triangle, whilst the man and the woman are seated at the base of the triangle.

…and a threefold cord is not quickly broken (Eccl 4:12)

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AUTHOR: Solomon Adesanya

CONTACT DETAILS: @saintrhymes; Tel: 07032472538

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