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I immediately fell in love with The African Gentleman album at my first listen. His ability to bring music to life through his lyricism and African instrumentation is the definition of creativity. Songs like Police, Only you and Believe (especially) proves that the African Pidgin dialect can come off as effectively in singing as beautiful love songs that will stand the test of time and have the potential to be recognized and loved worldwide. At his recent concert, Live and Intimate with Ric Hassani, I experienced a beautiful live rendition of my favorite Police track and remixed versions of his music by a few of his fans. It was a beautiful night. Have you read our review on “The African Gentleman Album? Please Click Here.

Ric Hassani is a gentleman extraordinaire with a sense of style and music rooted deep in the African culture. Always dressed to the tee like a Mai Atafo model combined with vocals fit to melt hearts and swoon romantics, he is,  most importantly, a brother with a message.
Can we talk about Ric without mentioning his electric style? He is the representation of the theme- Gentleman as he sends jolts of emotions and feelings with his songs and appearances through my body, I never remain the same after.

His music and fashion brand screams classic, modern and African. Ric Hassani’s ability to relate to the women folk and challenge the men folk make him the ‘’take home to mama kind of guy”. His very popular song “Gentleman” portrayed him as a sage that is in tune with his element. The song makes me know I deserve everything and more. Not just a man that treats me like a queen but also being woman enough to treat him like a king.

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