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By Stephanie Nwannukwu.

Muyiwa Akhigbe On Truth Music Digest

Muyiwa Akhigbe On Truth Music Digest

Muyiwa’s music leaves you wanting more. He is a singer/producer/songwriter/composer who knows his onus. His creative ingenuity is so striking. He’s not only a musical soul but he’s also an art director and a graphic designer.  He is one of the evolving Nigerian soul musicians that have voices which promise to mend your heart, cause introspection.His voice bellies his passion, soul and definitely his musical dexterity. Without a doubt, he makes music that spurs inspiration, enlivens your deepest thoughts and leaves you wanting more from life.

“Being an artiste wasn’t what I envisioned my path in life to be like but all I know is it hit me like a surprise and I fell in love with music ever since.”

He released his debut Project – Dear Music in 2016 which had Nonso Amadi as one of the producers on the project. With all the creative baskets he seems to be juggling, he seems to know how to balance it all. A feat that many are still trying to master. Hopefully, he stays true to his sound and not be put down by the many struggles facing creatives especially soul(Afro) & Rnb or any other less recognized genres in the Nigerian music industry that is laden with so much noise.

With his Album ‘’Dear Music,’’ released on SoundCloud, he tells different relatable stories loaded with depth and wise admonitions. Take the single ‘Black or White,’ where he admonishes his listeners that he’s either good or evil and the choice is yours to pick from, so pick wisely.

He’s very interested in making songs that cater to the many needs of the soul rather than the desires of the flesh – a genre that is already well packed with every other mainstream artiste. He said in an interview that “The desires of the soul of a man will forever supersede the desires of the body of a man, so making music that feeds the soul of every human being who listens is music.”

We caught up with Muyiwa and had an opportunity to interview him.

TM Ng: Tell us about yourself.

Muyiwa: I like to refer to myself as a book with many chapters. I am very multifaceted. I’m a Afrocentric soul and alternative RNB singer/songwriter and composer. Also I’m an art director and team lead at Olma Records. An indigene of Edo state, early 20’s and the first of 2 children.

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