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TM Ng: A Musician, composer, producer and Art director. Quite a rich resume, how did all these features come about?

Muyiwa: Being an artiste wasn’t what I envisioned my path in life to be like but all I know is it hit me like a surprise and I fell in love with music ever since. Along the line, the need to be more crafty and versatile made me drift into music production, this helped me relate with other music composers in bringing my ideas to reality. Art directing started with basic graphic designing coupled with the fact that I love visual aesthetics. It wasn’t long after that when I realized my gifting is in ad design as well and that was it. I’m still an ad man till date.

Muyiwa Akhigbe on Truth Music Digest

Muyiwa Akhigbe on Truth Music Digest

TM Ng:  What’s the story behind the “Come Back” single?
Muyiwa: First of all, I’d like to point out the fact that my music is story inclined. Everything I write begins with a story and most of them are fictional even though many people think they are real and the reason is, before I write, I place myself in the shoes of whoever is my said subject and try to feel everything the subject would be feeling when he/she is in that same position. So this helps me get all the necessary details for my lyrics.
That being said, Come Back is a story of a man who had a beautiful home but lost it due to his irresponsibility and negligence. Now he has realized and now he’s trying to get his home back. I hope he succeeds at that.

I usually don’t dance and jump the way others do when the artiste is performing.

TM Ng: What inspires your music and art in general?
Muyiwa: One word, three syllables, eight letters. Exposure. Inspiration is as a result of whatever you’ve been exposed to in times past. What you listen to, what you see, what you smell and what you feel all add up to the mix. Once all of that keeps building up, one day it’ll run over its container and then you get that eureka moment and you’d be like… Oooohhhhh something just hit me!

TM Ng: How long have you been in the Music Industry?
Muyiwa: I’d prefer to say the music scene, industry sounds too conventional. I started putting out music in 2014.

TM Ng:  What have been your major challenges so far?
Muyiwa: Funds majorly. You need money to create and push the art effectively.

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