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Poetry: Stones And Clay

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You don’t look christian, you don’t act Christian,  are you really a christian???

Are you familiar with such statements?

If putting on church clothes is the easy route to your heart, then I would rather cover myself in leaves and leave from His presence.

At least I’m innocent enough to feel guilty.

I see Christians who would rather feed their eyes than feed their minds.

I see Christians who would rather teach about Christ than be like Christ.

I see Christians filled with stones in their hands always ready to throw.

The only stone we should hold on to is the corner stone.

He stopped the harlot from being stoned.

He commanded lazarus’ stone be rolled.

He rolled even His own stone and yet a lot of us harbour hearts of stone.

Who is He? He’s the most high who is never stoned

He’s not a sculptor, He’s a potter and why is this?

He knows that just like a clay pot, you’ll always be broke, so He’s always there to remould.

Unlike a sculpture once broke, you find another stone.

But why throw stones at the potters work of art?

Look around you, we’re all the same

From the same ground we all came

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

So be ye a thief or a priest

I have these to say;

God loves all the same and to those who understand such love teach it

To those who don’t,  listen

God’s love is a privilege for all.

And not a right earned by some.

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